Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another Flimsy Finished

Another flimsy finished, and all ready to go to the Long-Arm Quilter in the morning.

Which of course led me to thinking: "Well? What next?"  I'm horrified to admit it, but I have numerous quilt tops almost nearly completed: it's just a matter of putting the blocks in rows and columns.  One drawer was full of these 6" Split Nine Patches.  Hubby and I got them out last night and arranged them in a number of different ways, but this setting is the one I preferred.  I sewed the nine-patches into blocks of four, and now I'm wondering....should I just do six rows of four squares, or continue making blocks and do a bigger size.  I've decided that the borders with be two rows of dark 2.5" squares, so that the light diamonds (crosses?) will float.  I'm torn.

The nine-patches are a "leader & ender" project that I've had going for a couple of years now.  The four by six configuration will probably be a very nice twin sized bed quilt that I can donate to a hospice or something.  But it's so interesting, that I wouldn't mind having it for my own bed!  No one but another quilter will ever appreciate the amount of work that went into the 44 pieces of fabric that went into each 12" block!!!


  1. Great quilts, both of them. I think you are right that no one will understand the amount of work that went into making the crosses quilt and understand why you would like to keep it.

  2. Lovely quilts. And a finish is always a good thing!

  3. That top quilt there? I "pinned" one almost identical to it just this week on my "quilts to make" board. Love it!

    1. I just got a call from my longarmer that this quilt is ready for me to pick up! This will be my fastest quilt ever, I think! I'm on holidays next week, so I will have time to apply the binding.