Saturday, September 19, 2015

You know what's better than that feeling of a new rotary blade???

Answer?  The feeling of a new rotary mat.  Oh. My.

I know there is a method for keeping your mat moisturized, but I think mine is beyond help. It was getting so unpleasant to cut fabric.  My cuts were not as accurate as I hoped because the fabric would be distorted by the extraordinary pressure of my cutter.  I was going through blades like crazy. So I caved in and bought a new one. It's incredible.  But here's a link to the moisturizing tips if you want to give it a try:

This week in quilting, I attended a meeting of the Waterloo County Quilters. The program was interesting. Patti Carey the Marketing Coordinator for Northcott, where she has headed up the sample department since 1986.  Patti endeavors, with the help of her piecer, to make a quilt from most collections that Northcott designs – approximately 50 per year.  These quilts are used as marketing tools by the sales reps, and as features in various quilting magazines.  

This quilt top is coming together - just one more block to go, and then I can start stitching the big blocks together. I hope to have it ready to go to the long-armer on Monday.

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