Monday, September 7, 2015

$#!T just got real....

I know it's Labour Day and all....but I actually had a class tonight: first class for "Practice Skills for Leading and Supervising in Human Services" - I feel completely overwhelmed.  Seems like a TON of work is expected over the next three months.  

Oh well, I will worry about THAT tomorrow.

I've been sewing this week.  I even tidied up my sewing room a bit.

And I finished a few things:

The top for Jamestown Landing:

A mug mat and matching basket that I had started over a year ago, and "re"found it while I was tidying my sewing room:

Two guitar pick shaped mug rugs:

These called for binding cut on the bias - I almost have never used bias cut binding - but at 2", it went on pretty slick!  For the pattern, I traced a souvenir giant guitar pick that Hubby brought home from the Martin Guitar factory in Nazareth PA a few years ago. It measures about 7" long, and 6" at the wide end.

And I started a new project.  Tonight I pieced four of the thirty-six blocks, and cut all of the neutral pieces out.  You've probably seen this quilt all over the internet.  It's called Soul Searching, from Kathy Doughty's (of Material Obsession) book "Making Quilts".  

This is going to be a long term project out of necessity. I simply don't have enough variety of some of the colours.  While I have tons of blue, green, and red - I'm shy yellow, orange, purple and turquoise.  The strips are 2.5" wide - so I'm happy to take any spare strips in those colours off your hands!

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  1. Love your projects!! Your new projects look great too! Don't be overwhelmed with your course...a lot of profs do that! Lay all the work on you and make you feel overwhelmed...wanting you to quit! (Not that YOU would ever do that!) Just take one day at a time, one assignment at a time and you will get it done...and it won't be nearly as bad as you anticipated! Sour lemons to your teacher!haha