Thursday, November 25, 2010

Miss me???

It's been a crazy month!  Where to begin?

Let's see....

1) University - - I have one more major paper to write, and this semester will be over in less than two weeks.  I can't believe how much LESS stressful fourth year is compared to this time LAST year!  I think I'm doing well - I had to give two seminars this week (ACK!) - - talk about anxiety!!! 

2) Practicum - - I love, love, love the work I'm doing at the law clinic.  I'm starting to handle a couple of cases on my own - cases that really aren't "law" cases, and would generally not be handled by our clinic, but because I'm focusing on "social work" - I am enjoying learning, and trying out things, testing my skills, and having some successes.  It's such a neat experience when my day is going along, and all of a sudden, I realize "Hey! All that boring dry theory we learned IS relevant!" 

3) Sailor Boy - I watched a TV show on the Equator Channel tonight called "Warships" that featured the ship that he's posted to -- it was really interesting to see the inside of the ship, and the living quarters, etc.  I called him tonight to let him know I saw this program, and he told me that he has some leave at Christmas time, so he's probably going to be able to come home for a bit.  I'll know more next week I guess.

4) Itty Bitty -- needs to pull up his socks in ENGLISH!  I'm getting very worried that he's not going to have the grades to get into university if he doesn't take some emergency action.  The semester is almost over for him as well, and it's not good.  I have a sneaking suspicion he's going to be doing English AGAIN next semester, since this is a mandatory course.  I'm also worried that I'm going to have to lay down the law and cut out some of his extra-curricular stuff.  I'm dreading that - - I hoped once Football Season was over, he'd turn it around....but...  (ugh, being a mom sucks sometimes!)

We have recently been on a tour of the his first choice university - - Hubby and I really liked it as well, and it's not too far away - - an hour an a half maybe.

5) Hubby -- what can I say about Hubby?  Not much really - - but no news is good news, right?

6) Quilting - what's that?!?!  I haven't sewn in at least two months.  I haven't been doing much of anything except school - long days at the law clinic, staying late for board meetings, etc., working on assignments.  I have gotten slightly addicted to Soduko puzzles recently though - weird, eh?