Sunday, August 30, 2015

Over six years later...

I haven't paid much attention to my blog this year, which meant that there were dozens and dozens of unpublished comments just sitting in Blogger limbo.  I took a couple of minutes tonight to sort out the spam from the real comments, and I'm just so amazed that even six years after I published the tutorial for the Seven-Shirts quilt, it continues to generate about 12000 hits monthly, and I still receive such nice comments and emails.

When I look at the quilt now, I would have arranged the light squares in the nine-patches so that the matching pairs would have been opposite one another.  I wonder if this would give the top a more 'woven' look?

The photo above is from a a few years back when I went to a ladies get-away at a cottage near Port Lambton.  I've been invited to go back twice a year since, but haven't made the trip.  Today I looked at my course outlines, and my work calendar, and there didn't seem to be anything too pressing, so I've decided to book the week before Thanksgiving off, and just go.  

Today I took a bit of a break from reading text books and academic articles for school to start a couple of chapters of The Happiness Project.  I don't think I have the level of commitment that the author seems to have had, but it's still a quite pleasant read. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One down....nine to go

I'm talking about courses to complete my Masters Degree.

I finished course #1 on Saturday - guess what I got?

I haven't done ANYTHING remotely crafty in months - - unless you count sewing a button on Hubby's shorts, and I don't!  To be honest - I just haven't felt like it.  Recently, however, I've been starting to take longer looks at quilty photos in my Facebook newsfeed, and sneaking Pinterest breaks from time to time.  Perhaps the crafty fast is coming to an end?