Friday, September 11, 2009

Day II - - Heaven! I'm in Heaven!

Yes, I'm PRECISELY where I am supposed to be. Yesterday left me feeling exhausted and inadequate.

But today...... Where else do you complete strangers hug you because they are just so darn happy for you, Friday morning classes mean catered tea and muffins, and my quilts (yes, I took two to show off this morning) get rounds of applause, and feel like you've made 40+ new best friends?

It's going to be rough, but after today, I feel 100% confident that the next two years are going to whizz by with a collection of great experiences and a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Thankfully, the first "two years" of university enabled me to hone my organizational skills to razor sharpness- - needing to complete two years of work in 15 months will do that to you!

And just in case you were wondering - - yes, Gibby Kitty is a darn fine study partner too! I just wish he would quit biting through my papers and sitting on my text books when I'm trying to read.


  1. Best of luck in the upcoming school session. It has been years since I was in college and I can remember how hectic the first couple of days of the new session was. It was mind boggling sometimes, each professor was unique and unless I had the professor in prior classes, I never knew what to expect. Just remember, it is such a good feeling when you've completed your coursework and graduate.

  2. ahhhh the ups and downs of life :0)
    Did I tell you I started nursing school with a 4 year old and pregnant with the second one?
    It wasn't fun but I did do it! 30 years later I can hardly remember the struggle.

    One day at a time ...right?

    Happy Sewing