Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Report

What a beautiful weekend! Itty Bitty starts school on Tuesday, but I don't start until Thursday. That gives me four more days to gear up.

I've just put a couple of meat loaves in the oven to bake. When they've cooled, they will be going in the freezer with the other meals we've been preparing ahead this week: beef stronganoff, chicken cacciatore, cabbage rolls, chili.

QNIC girls: I FOUND IT!!! I spent a few hours last night tidying up my studio, sorting through things, tossing a few things, rediscovering a few things. AND I FOUND THE CLOVER NEEDLE THREADER!

See, a group of us got together a few weeks ago to sit around Gail's kitchen table and do some sewing. Roxene brought her needle threader along to thread her needles while hand sewing the binding on one of her quilts. We were all amazed at just how slick this machine operated. I remembered aloud that Hubby had brought me home one of these (in my favourite colour: pink!) nearly two years ago from a trip to Florida - - and not only had it never been out of the packaging, I wasn't really sure where I had put it! So here it is girls....jealous? MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

This mess is what I need to deal with today. This dishpan is full of fabrics that I've accumulated over the last little while that haven't found a "home" yet.

So, I think I'll pop another load of laundry in the washer, refill my coffee cup, change my rotary cutter blade and get chopping. I've pulled a couple of scrap quilt patterns out, and I intend to precut some quilt kits.


  1. Yeah Nancy! I was in Cookstown on Monday and saw them there, but hesitated and then when I got home, thought "I should have" I ordered one from Shirley at the Marsh Store. So, soon I'll have my very own needle threader as well.

    Love that quilt you just did too!!


  2. I won one of these from my LQS. When I started to use it I wondered how I ever lived without it.

  3. I haven't seen one of this type of needle threader since I was a kid. There was one around the house - think it was my grandmother's. With my ageing eyes, I may have to buy one too. I about went insane the last time I sat down to do hand sewing.