Saturday, September 26, 2009

TEN down.....SEVEN to go....

I've been reading alllllllllll day! With a total of 17 chapters to read before Tuesday, I'm better than halfway there. Some of these chapters are overlapping - some completely contradict others.

For example, I just read a chapter about Anna Freud, and what she had to say about defence mechanisms, but just before that I read a chapter in another book, all about what a bunch of whack-jobs the Freud family was, and had been for several generations (which was the whole point of the chapter - to show that dysfunction can repeat in patterns through generations). In one book, I'm reading all about the CASW Code of Ethics (uh...AGAIN, for like the billionth time in the last two years!), and in another how the 2005 Code is a fluffy piece of neo-conservative crap compared to the 1994 Code, which defined the values of social work as humanitarian and egalitarian.

Not a stitch of sewing this week. In fact, my sewing machine "Lucy" still has not even been plugged in. Her cover is still on! I'm hoping to plough through a bunch more reading tonight, and have a chunk of time tomorrow to sew.

Blog entries are soooooooo boring without a photo. I got this milk glass jar at an estate sale near London last weekend, on my way to Woodstock. It was filthy dirty, hidden in the bottom of a box of garage/workshop stuff, and I paid a quarter for it. It's less than 4" tall, and the image is in good clear condition - - and looks very art deco to me. It cleaned up nice.


  1. Don't you just love poking around at an estate sale or garage sale and then finding something that you LOVE and it's only 25 cents!! You got to love it! Nothing like it! You bring it home, wash it up and it is even NICER than you though....fantastic!! See my today GS find- I will post about it tomorrow.... I paid $3 for my treasure but I was doing a happy dance down the driveway!! Take care!

  2. NO SEWING......come on it will be good for you to get away from all that school work...take a break go sew, you'll feel like a new you afterwards.

    Happy Sewing

  3. Very nice jar. You find the greatest things.

  4. What a darling little sugar jar. How do people find this neat stuff at estate sales and yard sales when I only find broken Christmas ornaments and Tupperware? I live in a very poor city for junking!