Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gotter Done!

What the heck??
Oh, it's just Gibby kitty.
I've been sewing like a crazy woman for two days. Itty Bitty made a special request for me to make a quilt as a birthday gift for a friend. I've been silent about it because I happen to know she creeps my blog!
So, Itty Bitty manned the iron, and Gibson supervised of course.

...and tasted the binding

I had saved a photo of a design that inspired this quilt way back in June. I have NO IDEA where it came from or who designed it. The picture was named "Framed Rectangles" and I googled that, but no luck finding a source. I drafted it out using graph paper, and 2.5" strips. Most of the fabrics are "City Girl" by Kitty Yoshida, but I did have to pull some other prints from my stash to finish it off.

I quilted it myself using an allover free motion stipple. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I hope Kira will like it too. No....she'd better LOVE IT!

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you Beth W. for the link to Mary's blog, where I had initially saw the design.


  1. My birthday's coming up in's bout I put my request in now?...LOL

  2. really nice!!! And I love your helper kitty! I'll have to post my helper kitty photos too. Lovely quilt, lucky friend!

  3. Wow! That quilting looks great, very even across the surface...can we see a close up of the quilting? How did you prepare this for quilting?
    Super lovely quilt.....what a nice gift!

    Happy Sewing

  4. It looks great! I'm jealous -- I've been waiting to finish up some other piecing projects before starting mine. Thanks for letting me know you'd made one!

  5. How do you do it? It is beautiful, and it is DONE! Wow!