Friday, September 18, 2009

What a week! WHEW!!!

I've got my first full week back at University under my belt. Talk about information overload!

Technically, today was my day off - - but I spent all morning, until nearly 1 o'clock this afternoon just getting my books and my calendar organized, and catching up on all the news on my course websites - - yes, every course (all seven of them!) I'm taking has it's own interactive website, in effort to approach a "paperless" society.

I didn't get to start reading until this afternoon. So far I have 1/2 the reading and notes written for Communication & Interviewing Skills, and the reading (but not the notes) for Small Group Work Theory. I know it sounds like I'm behind....but seriously, I'm in a better position this weekend than I was last weekend.

Onto the Quilty News!

My Pick & Choose quilt is back from the quilter. It looks AWESOME!!! I hope to get the binding on before Thursday night's guild meeting.

Tomorrow, I'm going to an all-day workshop at Country Patchworks in Woodstock to make a "Courthouse Stars" quilt with Barb Scott. I'm doing mine in browns and blues -- all RECYCLED SHIRTS!!!

I know it's not a good time to run away to a quilt day, but I had signed up and paid for this workshop back in the spring, when it was originally scheduled for June. However, the class was cancelled, and rescheduled -- and since I already had all my fabric pre-cut and ready to go, I figured I could sacrifice a day to sewing.


  1. I agree- a day quilting will be good for you! You will be more focused on Sunday when you can bang off your school work! ;o)
    Works for me! Have fun!

  2. Oh love that court house steps.......the stars really dress it'll have fun and folks will be impressed with your cut up shirts. Its gonna be a beautiful quilt... but then I just love blue. Yeah a day in a quilt workshop is just bliss enjoy it while you can..:0)
    I have to remind myself that you are in Canada because I am about an hour from Woodstock NY :0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. So, how was the workshop? Where's your quilt? Do we have to wait until What's on the Wall Wednesday? And why on earth are you taking 7 courses simultaneously? Here at the University that I work at in the US, a full course load is 4 courses. How can you keep all 7 straight? Ah, wait, this is Nancy, OF COURSE you can do it! You are no less than a modern day Superwoman!

  4. I want to know about the workshop, too! I love that pattern and would like to see your quilt. I know that you're busy with school -- I remember the days when as an English major (all 36 hours my senior year -- don't ask) I had an average of 400 pages and 2 papers a week. Uhhggg!