Friday, October 21, 2011

It's been a busy week...

Don't let the photos fool you, I haven't stitched a darn thing since Sunday.  But I remembered to upload the pics!

Ya, bad pic.  But I have six more hexi flowers to add to the pile.

And I did give into the urge to start another Kaffe Fasset Shirt Stripe Boxes. I've got another shirt all cut up into triangles, and all ready for sewing this weekend.

But in all other areas -- it's been busy.  Every day at work have been swamped.  Can it be just a few weeks ago that I was begging for referrals from my colleagues, and gratefully taking any grunt work off their hands?  Plus, I've been working on an essay that had to be sent in to my prof by midnight tonight - - every night this week typing, reading, researching, editing, rewriting.

I was out of town at a meeting all day -- in the same town as Itty Bitty.  So after the meeting, I picked him up and we went out to do a little shopping and dinner -- it was good to see him.  And even better to see that his residence room wasn't as outrageously appalling as I remember his big brother's being in his college days.


  1. I'm lovin your hexi flowers very cool. The shirt stripe boxes are interesting. I hope you have some time to sew this weekend.

  2. Nice to see you back posting regularly. Love your shirt blocks. I am trying to finish up a memorial quilt for a friend who lost her husband. Using his plaid shirts but wanting to make something girly for her was a bit of a challenge but I think I came up with the best solution. Hope to post pics today