Sunday, October 30, 2011

What another nice weekend!

I spent today sewing more blocks for Shirt Stripe Boxes.  I even pieced together a few "odd" blocks with left over triangles.  Looks like Sundays are turning into my favourite day to sew! 

See...I still don't have a design wall, or a sewing room for that matter, so I have to drag my gear out to the dining room table, so any day but Sunday is out of the question.  It's just not worth the effort to bring set everything up, just to have to turn around and put it away again! 

I even tried my hand a making some "crumb blocks" but nothing ready for the camera!

Friday night, Hubby and I joined the neighbours for a couple of glasses of wine...which spiralled into a couple of bottles of wine...and when the Tequila shots started, it was darn near time for me to go home to bed!  The neighbours are really nice kids, and they think we are "the best neighbours we ever had!"  Wonder who our competetion was - LOL!!!

Saturday night (the adult Hallowe'en) we went to Brantford to see Itty Bitty play a gig at a little bar there.  He hooked up with the other three members through an add on kijiji, and it has worked out to be a really good part time job for him while he's at university.  We only stayed for one set - but they sounded pretty good!  Itty Bitty is definitely the baby among the group -- the drummer is old enough to be his grandfather (and I asked him to look after the wee laddie for us).


We came home to a ...uh... bustling downtown about 11:30 last night.  The sidewalks were filled with university students, under-dressed, and over-drunk.  The costumes were bizarre.  Why is it that young women chose to dress up for Hallowe'en as prostitutes? The most outlandish costume I saw was the Sexy Holsteins.  Imagine, cow ears and horns, a tiny mini skirt -- thank goodness their udders were covered! 

It seems the city buses were rerouted to accomodate the huge influx of party goers that filled the streets downtown.  We were stopped by police on our way into the downtown core in a "Ride Program".We had to walk from our parking garage around the block because the interior doors and elevators that we usually use were locked, so we got to enjoy the sights and sounds.  There was even a 3 piece band performing right on the sidewalk in front of my office! I'm sure the sidewalks were awash in vomit this morning.

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