Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Terrific Tuesday! Ending on a bit of a frown.

I can't believe this sunshine and warm weather, especially after the icky weekend we had.  You just never know what you're gonna get in October!  Hubby and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary this weekend - I think it's the 8th, but I'm never quite sure.  Anyway...the year before our wedding, while we were making arrangements, the weather was like this - bright skies and mild temperatures.  The next year, on the day of our wedding, there was actual SNOW falling!  UGH!  But this week looks like a beauty.

I even had to turn on a little A/C tonight when I got home from work, in order to simmer up a pot of homemade Cauliflower Cheddar soup!  It's still bubbling on the stove, and smells terrific.

I stopped at the library today to get a week's worth of DVDs, and out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a quilt book I hadn't seen before: Marie Osmond's Heartfelt Giving

It's got some cute stuff in it!  Next time you're at your library, see if they have a copy.  There is a baby quilt in it that is too adorable, as well as a matching diaper bag.  There's a quilt called "Paper Roses" and the rose details are something I've never seen before--something to keep in the old memory bank.

I haven't told you about my favourite street person.  Living and working in the downtown core means lots of interaction with some colourful characters.  My favourite street person is a senior Italian man, who spends his days camped out in front of my office. Everybody knows who he is, because he's generally shouting at cars, or singing at the top of his lungs. 

He hit me up pretty regularly for change "for coffee".  So now, every morning when I make my tea to take to work, I fix a travel mug of coffee for my buddy.  When he's done with it, he brings it into the office, and leaves it at the reception desk.  We've had a couple of chats, when he's most lucid.  I mean, he's clearly got some mental health issues, but he's basically harmless, though sometimes a bit of a nuisance when he really gets loud.

The other morning, I went into work early to get some stuff done -- at about 7 am.  I didn't make up our mugs because I didn't think he'd be there THAT early.  WRONG! 

HE:  Hey-a guwrl. (I've told him my name a dozen times) You bring-a me coffee?
ME: Oh Carlo!  I'm sorry.  I haven't even had my coffee yet.
HE:  Come he-ya. (reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a handful of change he's panhandled) Come on.  I buy-a you a coffee.

No, I didn't let the him buy me a coffee.  But he did do me a solid and lend me some street cred.  There was an altercation on the corner the other day between my buddy and a woman, who was clearly out of her mind to mess with him!  I immediately ran out to put a stop to the fight, and within moments a police officer arrived.  I explained that I had witnessed the entire thing, and the woman had gotten him agitated.  Carlo was standing right there in the huddle with me and the cop.

HE: (to the cop) She a nice-a guwrl.  She buy-a me coffee. She bring-a me McDonald's....(not true, but I appreciate that he had my back -- I bring him cookies,cheese and crackers, and muffins)

A few days later, I was sitting with my buddy on the planter in front of my office, assessing how another street altercation was shaping up (this time, not involving him).  The offended party came across the street and says to Carlo, "can you believe that mange-cake accusing me of stealing?"  He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a cigarette and gives it to Carlo. 

HE:  Ah! No!  The police-a man, he like-a you.  He like-a me.  He like-a her.

That seemed to reassure the other fellow, and he went on his way.

Today, I didn't see my friend until closing time, as I was locking up the office.  He was sitting on the planter in front of the building.  I sat down beside him, and told him I was sorry I didn't see him all day.  Then I noticed a big fresh bruise on his jaw. 

ME: What happened to your face?
HE: What.
ME: It looks sore.
HE:  Oh, I just-a scratch it with my finger.

Clearly, someone didn't like-a my buddy Carlo as much as I do.

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  1. Enjoy the weather and the company on the street. It always lightens my heart to hear that there are others out there who treat street people as PEOPLE!