Monday, October 3, 2011

The neighbours are VEGANS!! - - no judgement here....

...because they are totally terrific human beings.  They fill my wine glass, and let me steal their internet!  Yes, I'm still without phone, cable, and internet.  Living a very frugal life here.  Paying rent on my apartment, AND a mortgage on the house makes for some pretty tight purse strings.  Good thing I'm naturally so CHEAP!

I do have my cell phone - and I only call Hubby and the boys.  We're on the same plan, so it's free calling between us.  When I do have some spare time to sit in front of the telly, I've been watching DVDs borrowed from the library.  I'm making my way through a set of Catherine Cookson movies currently. Love me a period costume drama!!

I've been thinking a lot about making another Kaffe Fasset Shirt Stripe Boxes quilt.  The one I made last year is currently on the bed back at the house in St. T.  It looks wonderful, but I need a bigger one for the queen sized bed here. many little time.

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