Sunday, February 3, 2013

Girl's Joy

We spent most of the day in Brantford yesterday, visiting with Itty Bitty.  He took me to all the thrift stores there.  I didn't find anything too exciting, BUT I did pick up two pillow forms for $1.99 each.  I need them for two cushions that are on my UFO list, and had looked at them when I was at Michaels last week - - they were nearly $20 each!  Holy moly!  Even with a coupon, that's still a heck of a price. So here's a tip - if you need pillow forms, check thrift stores first.

So, I didn't get to this week's Grandmother's Choice BOW: Girl's Joy until this morning. I wish I had used a higher contrast between the medium black and light-medium red, but I'm pretty pleased with this finish.

I'm working on the Black & White quilt as well, and decided that this will be a gift to Sailor Boy, as we welcome a new member to our family circle.  Hmmm...I'll have to think of a pseudonym for her.  Well, she's relocating from Newfoundland to join Sailor Boy in Halifax in April.  We haven't met her yet, unless you count Skype, so hopefully we will be able to travel out to the Maritimes this summer once they get settled a bit.  I'm almost done piecing the block units for the three borders I have planned.  I think the young couple will enjoy the monkeys, tattoo flash, hearts and music fabrics.  

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