Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Organization - Thrifty Style

I've noticed lots of pins on Pinterest related to organization using dollar store items.  I'm always impressed by low cost solutions, but while I was wasting some time (I had an hour to put in between the end of a meeting, and picking up Hubby from work) at a local Goodwill Store, I was inspired to share a few ideas for organizing your quilting stash using thrifted items.

 I have no idea what this thing was in it's original life - there's five sections that swing/fan open, connected together by post on left hand side.  Each compartment is about 6 x 8 and about an inch or inch and a half deep.

It was priced at $2 - - I can imagine kitting up blocks for hand piecing - perhaps appliqué blocks?--prep step can happen in one setting, and the pieces will stay together and not go astray.

 This jar is ENORMOUS!  It was probably 14" across and 8" tall, and heavy.  The metal lid just lifts off (no twisting involved).  Think about how pretty this jar would be full of crumbs or strings.  It was priced at $3

This large picnic basket would make great storage for fat quarters. $6

 This giant sewing basket would make great storage for all of the trims we collect, or spools of thread. $4

 This shoe storage item could make sorting scraps by size or colour a breeze- if you happen to have a closet in your sewing room.  

 Need a spare iron? Some of these models were dirt cheap and look like new models.  Keep your good iron in the sewing room, and your back up in the laundry room - it's not like you'll use THAT very often!

Cookie tins - you'll find multiple identical tins which are stackable.  Label the sides and stack up your projects in progress. $1

Organize ideas and inspiration on the wall - - I love this girly example I found today with sweet red gingham, satin ribbon, and big buttons. $4

Check this out!  It's a table that would be used in a hospital setting.  The height is adjustable.  Can't you just picture setting up a pressing station that you can pull up to your sewing area, and then push out of the way.  $6!!!

There are some 50% off sales coming up in the next week or two at our local thrift stores.  This might be a good time to check out some stash enhancement with these items

Men's shirts don't have to mean plaid and stripes - the first example is a geometric print, the second is an abstract neutral, and the third is a polka dot.  Good source of cheap, quality fabric.

Look in the jewellery departments for embellishments and beads if you have an interest in artsy quilts.  

These new pillow forms were only $2 a piece!

I was a good girl and only shopped with my eyes!


  1. I have been looking for a shoe organizer to hold my fat quarters, lucky find for you!! Lots of great ideas, we need to go shopping together sometime when you are in MO--lol