Saturday, February 23, 2013

Looks like some treasures...

We picked up boxes of quilty goodness from the lady who offered me her mom's stash which was languishing in her basement.  I had dreams of vintage scraps, but it seems this quilter started collecting her stash about the same time I did!  Lots of old favourite Cranston VIP prints in 1989 country blues, roses, and hunter greens.  Ah well!  I will enjoy sorting through them, and cutting them up into usable pieces - still lots of great additions dating from those "country calicoes" right up to the era of Japanese prints.

One box was full of drapery/upholstery samples.  I won't be keeping these, because I have enough "to do" projects.  But look at this book of polyester suede fabrics!  Wouldn't that make a great patchwork tote or purse? maybe I'll keep this ONE sample book...

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  1. Disappointing maybe, but it turned out to be a usable treasure!