Sunday, February 3, 2013

What? I'm HELPING!

...excuse me?

Trying to pin pieces together, and who shows up to 'help' me?  First he LAYS his flabbiness directly on top of the sections I'm trying to put together, then he proceeds to pull pins out of the pincushion, one after another, and toss them around--undoubtedly for me to find 'the hard way' later on!  Oh, Gibson!


  1. lol i have a cat that helps too. Mine is blind so not as tricky with the pins, she just bats my hand every time i pass by (and yes that does impress me considering she cant see it)She also knows exactly which pile of fabric to lay on.

  2. Time for him to leave the sewing area, methinks!

  3. Maybe the cat was a quilter in a past life. I have a budgie that likes to pull out pins.