Monday, February 18, 2013

Log Cabin Flimsy - done!

Yes, I'm quite pleased with the borders I added to this quilt.  It's now a perfect size for a double bed (I've photographed it on a Queen size) with plenty of drop and a generous pillow tuck.  I must remember that I want to bind it with a light neutral.  I do wish I had used some brighter scraps in the border - - I have pinks and yellows and turquoises in the centre - - but the borders are more subdued browns, reds, lilacs, and blues.  But it's all right - I like it.

The original inspiration for this quilt comes from the Spring 2010 issue of McCall's America Quilts Hometown Favorites

I started this quilt in June 2010


  1. Very pretty! The border sets it off so nicely.

  2. That is a gorgeous log cabin flimsy quilt. I nominated your blog for the Liebster award. Details are on my blog here: