Monday, April 1, 2013

April Goals - - waffling

I don't know what to choose for my April UFO goals.  I'll keep up with Dear Jane blocks and Grandmother's Choice blocks, but...

I'm on holidays this week!  This was a last minute decision - I have four weeks to use up before mid-August, and this week didn't look too messy, so I just booked it off.  Hubby is home today for Easter Monday, but I have the next four days to myself!  So here's what I'm thinking:

While I've got the extra time, I want to get over 'the hump' on a couple of bigger projects.  You know what I mean...the next step that seems too difficult or too fussy to take on - but once done, would open the door to a finish.  

  • Heart of the Home - it's been on my Goals List for Feb & March, but incomplete.  It's the basting that I'm not into. 
  • I have thought of an idea for the borders on Virginia Bound - but there is math involved.  If I can get past the measuring and calculating, it should take too long at all.
  •  I need to cut some more hexies papers to do some more flowers for GFG, but that means changing the ink cartridge in the printer, trimming freezer paper to the correct size.
I'd also like to finish a couple of projects.  There's a couple of pillows that I'm anxious to make using these sampler pieces.

I also want to make a fabric basket to store my knee high nylons in.  The need for knee-highs is nearly over as the warmer season finally comes upon us, but I'd like to tidy up my drawers, and this would help. I have saved a couple of ideas for this on Pinterest, and I've got some girly fabric set aside in my stash that will work well for dainty storage.


  1. Enjoy your time off and sew lots! You can link up to my blog for April if you want. ( Nothing but UFOs)

  2. Have a great week off...hope you have lots of sewing time, cause that's one heck of a to-do list for April!!

  3. Enjoy your week off -- you've got some great plans.