Friday, April 19, 2013

I haven't posted for a bit...

Nothing dramatic or anything. Just haven't been sewing too much, so nothing too much to post about.

Could I have lost my quilting mojo?  Naaaaaaaa

I am planning a laid back, pj weekend - with lots of quilting.  I read an article "What the Most Successful People Do With Their Weekends"  earlier this week.  Point #3 really resonated with me, because I tend to leave all of the household chores, laundry, shopping for Saturday & Sunday. It makes sense to use the weekends for fun rather than tasks. I shared this article with Hubby, and together we made some extra efforts each evening to keep on top of the housework, toss a load of laundry in, etc.  Now we are looking forward to an improved weekend, with more time for our interests.

I picked up a magazine that was new to me - - 

- - very enjoyable!  There's a couple of projects I'd be interested in making. Isn't there always something on the Someday List?

I've been reading:

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  1. Keeping the weekends free for fun sounds like a good idea. When WM and I were first married (pre DD), we did grocery shopping and chores on Saturday so Sunday was left for visiting, outings and each other! We figured that being married meant we should spend some fun time together -- or what was the point? LOL