Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Me? Sick?

I haven't sewed in days. I've had a terrible cold, and finally went to a walk-in clinic yesterday and learned I have pneumonia, and got a prescription for antibiotics.

I've had four doses now, and actually feeling well enough to be out of bed.  Hubby wants to practice his guitar (which makes me mental!) so I thought I'd head into the sewing room and do this week's Grandmother's Choice block.  I have no thread.  Geeeeeeezzzzzzzz


  1. Feel better soon! I used to share a studio with a guitar playing guy. He would plug his guitar and a pair of headphones into an amp and play/practice. He would hear full on sound and the rest of us would hear his pick on the strings but nothing more.

  2. Hope you are much better now. Plenty of thread if you cut the guitar strings!!!