Saturday, April 27, 2013

Itty Bitty is home

All done his second year of university, Itty Bitty has returned home and trying to take over his bedroom my sewing room.  We had a "discussion" the other day about trying to coexist; there were clothes all over the place, my design wall his bed a rumpled mess, random things falling out of the closet.  I felt we had come to a common understanding.

Now this.  A stack of books on my sewing table.

Itty Bitty is a criminology major.  Judging by the book on the top, he is well aware that dangerous psychopaths live among us - - he's just not extrapolating the idea that he could have a dangerous psychopath living WITH him!  He is definitely playing with fire and needs to get his shit off my table.


  1. Laughing here....what was he thinking!!!!!!!

  2. Wow- your university terms are short- ours run September to June the following year

    1. Yes - each semester is only 13 weeks long. This worked out great for me when I was attending uni (2011 grad) and could pick up a couple of credits during the summer session. I was able to finish a four year honours degree in three years! Itty Bitty will be using his summer session to work and save for next year's expenses.