Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bad cold...Good thrift!

Last night I went to bed with the beginnings of an annoying cold in my head.  I shouldn't complain because I NEVER get sick.  I believe I have an iron clad immune system.

Even though I planned on a pj weekend, I convinced hubby to go out with me this morning to check on an auction item at the local St. Vinny's - a complete Keepsake Quilting block of the month kit with the backing fabric.  The auction ends on Wednesday and I wanted to be sure no one had outbid me.

So glad I went - - look what I got for $3!!!!

Nine fat quarters and a Marti Mitchell Sashing Stars Set.

I like all of the fabrics, except for one.  They each still had price tags attached!


  1. "SCORE!!"...yup...I heard you yelling score all the way up here in Canada!!!

  2. Wow! There's never anything that exciting at the local Op shop s (thrift stores) when I visit!