Friday, May 7, 2010

It's coming together....

I've got the blocks sewn into rows.  It's big, so you are only getting an idea of what it will look like finished (what I could fit into the camera frame!). 

I need to make another row of blocks though.  For some reason, the layout calls for 9 rows of 10 blocks.  That's just can't use an even number of rows or columns when you have a two block design.  So, I've decided to have 11 rows of 9 blocks.  Finished without borders, that works out to 81" x 99".

Yes!  Another repurposed shirt project!  This time I controlled the scrappiness to blues and browns. I like it a lot.  I hope to have this top done before the end of the weekend.

And then what?  Well...I suppose I should get back to my Black & White quilt. Since I picked up all those great fabrics at the St. Mary's quilt show, I have a nice selection of B&W prints, and no excuse not to finish it.


  1. court house is a great 2nd block. this looks fantastic! cw

  2. Love this!
    I may have one of these in my future.......
    I look forward to seeing it done and the black and white one too.

    Happy Mother's day!

  3. This one and the Virginia one are wonderful!!!

  4. Stunning! And I'd love to see you pick up the B & W quilt again - I love looking at photos of it.