Friday, May 28, 2010

Went to the Quilt Show

I went to the International Ploughing Match (I can't help it...I can't spell ploughing's not right) Quilt Show today in Shedden.  I was excited to go, because I knew that the work of many of my fellow guild members would be hanging, and many of them winning ribbons as well!

I'll share a few photos - don't want to spoil the show for those who will be going tomorrow. Here are a couple of my favourites:

I don't know the maker of this gorgeous quilt.  The applique is stunning.

But I do know the maker of THIS one!  Heather H. ohhhhhhhhh....if only I could have stepped just a smidge further back, I could have captured the borders of this.  I think Heather's School Houses were my favourite quilt of the whole show.

And I know this one's maker too!  Pat O. used a Cross-Stitch pattern to create this quilt, each 'x' represented by a 1"x1" square of fabric.  Literally thousands of pieces, and months and months of work went into it, and the whole guild enjoyed watching the birth of this beauty.  Notice the ribbon on it?  Seems I saw at least THREE of Pat's creations with ribbons on them.  OOPS!  Did I let the cat out of the bag??


  1. The applique is absolutely stunning!!
    I've been lucky to be able to follow the progress of Pat's masterpiece via her blog, Splendiferous!! How could it NOT win an award!!

  2. the school house blocks are adorable. I love seeing quilt show photos, more, more (please) cw

  3. Sigh! Wishing I was at a quilt show! Dont you leave inspired and ready to create! I will be working on some cornerstones for my butterfly quilt as I travel to Texas!

  4. Gorgeous quilts! And Patricia's is definitely a winner.

  5. Pat did an excellent job didn't she! I bet that would have been a wonderful quilt show to attend, thanks for giving us all a sneak peak. Sam xox