Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sometimes it rains in my dining room....

Okay, so we've KNOWN there is an issue with some kind of water problem in the bathroom since the second day we moved in here. Let's just get that straight from the get go.

  1. our house is 97 years old
  2. bathroom renovations are extremely expensive
  3. we only have ONE bathroom
  4. we lack the comprehensive skills to make this reno happen
  5. we lack the funds to make this reno happen
  6. did I mention we only have one bathroom?
So, ignoring all the very good reasons why we should continue to pretend that water drips through EVERYONE'S dining room ceiling from time to time, and continue to pray hard each time we step into the tub that we aren't going to end up wet, naked, and stunned on the family dining table....the big bathroom demo/reno of 2010 has begun.

Itty Bitty popped all the ceramic tile off the floor with a hammer and masonry chisel last night.  Hubby's brother is coming this morning to remove the subfloor and reinforce the floor joists that have been damaged.  I'm so glad I'm at school until 9pm tonight!

Ugh...did I mention we only have one bathroom? One.


  1. Oh girl! Been there, done that (and YES, with only one bathroom, too!) I can't tell you how many days I whined and complained about needing to "improvise" between the bathtub/shower (THANKFULLY only one was out-of-order at a time), but no vanity, no sink (except the kitchen), no mirror.....

    I feel your pain.

    And, in case you are wondering.....
    ....NO! It's not a bad thing to be the broken-record "reminder" that the bathroom isn't finished, and that the house only has one bathroom ;0)

    Keeping you in my thoughts!

  2. Oh God I don't envy you as we have had only 1 bath in the past. Doing a reno is a lot of work and can be stressful. Stay at school as long as you can. Then you can say oh are you finished?

  3. maybe a good time to get a short gym membership...pick one that has a terrific bathroom and shower. UGH so sorry........hopefully it will all go well and be done in a few short weeks.

    Hang in there......

    Happy Sewing