Friday, May 28, 2010

A Seven-Shirts Workshop

Kathy of Kathy's Quilts requested permission to use my design for a workshop at a community centre, just an hour or so up the road in Cambridge. Of course I was thrilled that she liked it so much, and only hoped that her group enjoyed it, and  would send a photo.

Here it is!

Now is the time to be looking for shirts.  It's yard sale season, and church rummage sale season.  Thrift stores are charging WAY TOO MUCH in my humble opinion - but of course, I'm CHEAP!

This group had a recently bereaved widow among them, who had requested a project in which to use her husband's shirts.  That's such a lovely tribute.

Thank you for the photo and update Kathy!


  1. dont you just love the variety of the quilts. good job ladies!! cw

  2. I love these! I've been saving my husband's shirts for years in order to make a quilt of them. Now I need to go looking for your pattern!!!

    ~ Ronda

  3. THANK YOU! We had a great time and I must post this photo on my blog too!

  4. Great Tutorial. I found you through the Quilting Library site. I would like to use your project at our Salvation Army quilting group next year if possible. I will certainly be making one for myself.


  5. passed away last year and I made my first quilt using your tutorial. Thank you so much.