Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank you Blue Chair!

I bought this shabby old chair at the Goodwill for $14 a while back, thinking that it would be nice to have a comfortable chair in my sewing room, in case one of my boys wanted to come and hang out with old mom and have a chat.

Moms of boys know that it's sometimes difficult to get those young men talking, so I'm grateful that Itty Bitty came down last night, took a seat in Ole Blue, and we had a wonderful and important talk.

Blue, you might have cost $14, but you are a priceless treasure to me.


  1. Therapy chair?!? How much for an hour of consult?

  2. My older boys would come into the bedroom while I was changing for bed, at night. I can remember many a night laying under the covers while they reclined on top, chattering about this and that. Endearing and empowering that they DO talk! My youngest...he doesn't talk much, and is afraid he'll go blind if he sees me less than fully clothed, LOL. Kids are funny.