Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Calender is Opening Up

Today is the final day of my class in Child & Adolescent Therapy. WHEW!!!  Now I just have two night classes for the next two months - Mondays and Wednesdays.  It feels like the doors of the jail are swinging wide open!

Wanna know what's been inspiring me this week?

A Quilting Life is a blog that I regularly look to for quilty inspiration. The particular post I've linked to included a link to printable hex templates to English paper piece Grandmother's Flower Garden, and another link to the EASIEST tutorial to cut, baste, and stitch GFG patches that I've ever seen: Sew Many Ways.  I really enjoy having a bit of handwork to drag around with me, particularly now in the nice weather when I like to be outside as much as possible.  So I've been digging through my stash of vintage scraps (ie: ugly old fabrics) and whipping up GFGs all weekend.
Even the centre limey centre hex of each flower is vintage.  I like the effect of fussy cutting the fabrics with stripes.

I received my regular quarterly shipment of Mr. B's Preview Pack last week, containing about 40 or so charm squares from Michele D'Amore's Word Play collection. I immediately had an idea for these charms! 

In other news:  the bathroom demo/reno is coming along.  We at least have a toilet again.  (Let's just say....things were pretty PRIMITIVE around here for a couple of days) The tub is also in, and the floor tile is down.  Next is walls I suppose.  But at least my IMMEDIATE needs are now being met.

We had an interesting event the other night.

At 3:00 a.m., Itty Bitty gently shook me awake, "Mom, the police are here and they want to talk to you."

My immediate thought was...omg, someone stole my car, went on a joyride and crashed it somewhere. I jumped up, a little woozy from the sleeping pill I had taken before I went to bed, pulled out my ear plugs, and made sure my boobs were tucked in my nightgown (sometimes those things can get away on you, ya know?).

Me: What's going on?
Constable: Just your tax dollars hard at work.
Me: What?!?!?!?
Constable: Someone in this house dialed 9-1-1.

Hubby and Itty Bitty had already been talking to the police for a few minutes before they got me up, and one of the officers checked the phones.

Apparently it was a quiet night in the ol' town Tuesday night, because there every cruiser on my street, and every cop on duty on my porch, I reckon!

One of them asked Hubby, "There's nothing 'domestic' going on here, is there?"  To which Hubby replied, "Well no, not until you wake my wife up!"

After the police left, we wondered aloud how the heck this had all happened.

Me: Maybe Gibby did it.
Hubby: Ya, check and see if his food dish is empty. 

You suppose Gibby narc'ed us?


  1. Thats too funny Nancy! Did Gibby really do it?
    I really like what your doing with the GFG blocks. I am a sucker for vintage fabrics, so to me your fabric choice is heaven :-) I really like how you fussy cut the blocks, it makes them look really good. I am glad you are getting through your uni course, you will be one awesome social worker (I get the impression thats what you are studying but I think you might give it a different name up there?).
    I love your post the other day on what inspires you - it is something I think we often loose site of when our focus is always so directed towards the end product. Thanks for reminding us all.... Sam xox

  2. OMG, that reminds me of when I first got married, and we heard a knock on our apartment door in the middle of the night. Hubby answered the door, and it was the police. They'd had a call about a domestic disturbance in our apartment building. They insisted on coming in the apartment and shining a flashlight on me in the bedroom (in bed) to ask me if I was ok. I assured them I was ok and they left.