Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ah...they say that a woman's hair.... her crowning glory...

But what about when that hair
belongs to her SON!?!?!?!

It's not fair. Itty Bitty has hair so thick, it could cover three heads, and it falls in beautiful waves and ringlets.  I combed out all of his curls last night, and applied a leave in conditioner (he refused to let me cut off the dry ends!) and couldn't resist capturing a photo.

The Wardrobe Refashion project:
Gibby?  You're a pretty good quilter, but I'm gonna handle this one on my own, thanks!

I cut 10 inches off the bottom of the skirt, and have hemmed the very bottom of the ruffle, but I'm still struggling with the gathering.  The skirt is now 31" in length.  I'll keep working away at it.


  1. Fold the hemline into quarters and put a pin in at each quarter. On the ruffle: zigzag over some crochet cotton or other thicker thread making sure not to catch any of it in the zigzag. Then quarter it just like you did the hemline. Match the pins (right sides together) and carefully pull the thread to gather the ruffle. You want to make sure the gathers are fairly evenly spaced all the way around. HTH

  2. I'm behind in reading, so wanted to congratulate you on your practicum placement. I work in an office at a courthouse helping people with family law issues who are representing themselves - so probably very similar clientele and problems. I'll be interested in your stories!
    By the way, I work in an office of social workers and I'm a lawyer. You'll find that you think really differently from the lawyers.

  3. I read a tip recently about using the product Texture Magic for ruffles. Apparently, putting a strip of this where you gather the ruffle shrinks it just the right amount to create the ruffle. Sorry, can't remember where I saw this, but I thought it was a great tip!

  4. My son had hair like that earlier this year, only not as lush - I said "had" because he cut it and donated it to Locks for Love. The funny thing is, I really missed the hair when it was gone - just don't tell him that!