Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Thrifty Find & A Wardrobe Refashion

Even though the skies are still black, and rain is falling by the bucket-load, and I don't have a class until 12:30 today, I got out of bed, and did my motherly duty: I drove Itty Bitty to school.

Okay...truth is, I told him if he got the trash out, I'd take him to school....aaaaand when I made this bargain my eyes were still closed and my earplugs were still in. jeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!

He was mortified when I pulled over a two blocks from home and yelled at a couple of kids that I figured went to his school to "Get In!".  I must not have looked like a serial killer (in my housecoat and hair all over the place) - - or perhaps they just were very wet, and very cold - - because they didn't hesitate a minute.  Itty Bitty never said a word--complete silence the whole way--while the two in the back seat merrily chirped all the way. 

I've been working away at knitting a hat for Keeping Kids Warm and I wore out a knitting needle.  Ever hear tell of that?  Actually, one of the knobby end things fell off, and I can't find it, so I went to two thrift stores on the weekend looking for another pair in the same size.  I probably could have gotten a pair at the first one, but they seemed to be all numbered in the old fashioned numbering system, while I needed a 4.5mm. I had no idea what the equivalent would be. At the second one, I got lucky.

But I still scored a good find at the first one!  Materials were 1/2 off, and I found this skirt length in orange and black plaid.  I doubt I'd ever wear a skirt in this particular stuff, but I thought it might do well for a Hallowe'en table runner, or maybe placemats.  It only cost $1.

I also managed to find enough of the same buttons in my stash to replace those on this thrifted blouse.  I still haven't shortened the sleeves for my wardrobe refashion because -- can you imagine?!?! -- I don't have the right coloured thread!

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  1. Hey Nancy: I should have a spool of that colour in my archives LOL...come on over and bring the outfit and you can dig around for a match!!