Monday, September 6, 2010

Skirts are Refashioned

Sewing went a little better today - maybe my brain was fresher of something. Who knows?

The pink skirt is now 31.5" long now, with a cute flirty ruffle.  And, by the way, two sizes smaller than the size I wore at the beginning of summer.

The black skirt is now 34" long, and presented more of a challenge. See, it has a lining, and the gauzy overskirt has a crushed texture to it -- I don't anything about fabric, so here's a close up.  (Isn't that weird?  Someone who uses a sewing machine every day saying she doesn't know anything about fabric?)

Now, looking at the photo, I have to say that I SWEAR the lace and the fabric are the same colour. I think the flash of the camera reflected off something synthetic in the lace.

Anyway, I discovered the lining (sort of a synthetic knit fabric, about the weight of your grandma's nightgown) was much shorter than the outer layer, so I didn't shorten that at all, but took out the waistband, and chopped off about 4" of the gauze-y stuff.  Released from the waistband - the gauze-y stuff SPRANG to double it's width, and I thought....oh no....more gathering!  But, I closed one eye, gritted my teeth and just stretched the two fabrics and stomped on the foot pedal, going as fast as I could!  I'm not sure how or why, but it seems to have worked. Oh...and just sayin'...the black skirt is THREE sizes smaller than the size I wore at the beginning of summer...TEE HEE!!!


  1. So if I need clothes repurposed, are you the one to call?

    Honestly, I knew you could do it. Your super woman afterall...LOL

  2. The skirts look lovely. You did a great job.

  3. I'm definitely impressed! And big YAY on the smaller sizes!