Saturday, September 4, 2010

Have you heard of Wardrobe Refashion?

Gotta admit, I hadn't either, until I listened to episode 4 of

...and listened to the interview with Wardrobe Refashion founder Nikki Prested

The idea is, that you make a pledge to not buy any new clothing, but to remake, renovate, and recycle old clothing.  The blog is completely inspiring, and though some of the projects had my eyebrows up in the air a bit, some are really cute and innovative!

Which brings me to my personal challenge.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I had loaded up on new-to-me office wear at the thrift store.  However, some of the items need an overhaul.  Hmmm...I've got a sewing machine, right?  And a bit of clothing construction knowledge (although grade 10 Home Ec was a looooooong time ago), true? And a creative spirit - so I'll give it a "go".

First up: two skirts that are reeeeeally long.  And I'm tall (like, 5'8") I don't know why they were ever made this long.


The pink print is 38" long -- just touching the floor!  I'm thinking of cutting off a good 8 or 10", dividing the cut-off in half width-wise, and piecing those two lengths together and adding a gathered ruffle to the hem. I only paid $2.50 for the skirt, so if it eventually finds itself wadded up in the trash can...well, at least I tried. I probably won't get to wear it until spring unless we get yet another heatwave.

The black skirt is 36" long, past my ankle bone, but it already has a pretty, lacey hem.  So I think I'll cut the waist band off, turn over the top to make a casing, and run some elastic through it.  This skirt was $5.99, so I've got a little more invested in it.

I cleaned out my closet and dresser drawers today to weed out the things that have seen better days, and make room for my "new" pieces. 

Later this week I hope to put things together in complete outfits (tops, bottoms, jewelery, shoes), make sure everything is pressed neatly, in good repair, and polished up.  My thinking is that this will save me time, and give me some confidence - - after all, "dressing up" is new to me! I only wore scrubs in my former career as a nurse, and life as a university student means as sloppy and comfortable as possible!  (I wrote exams in pajama bottoms last year!!!) It will take me awhile to get a feel for what my personal "style" is, and I don't want to be "over-dressed" when I'm going to be working with people who are marginalized and impoverished - - I'm going for neat, modest, and professional. 

My new interest in fashion has me looking at people and pictures in magazines with a more critical eye.  I never cared about clothes much before - unless it was what Hubby is wearing (OMG - you CAN'T wear THAT!).  I was looking at the Oct issue of Canadian Living the other day, and they were showing a certain top, combined with other pieces, three different ways to create a different look for casual, office, and evening.  I'm sorry, but the office photo was disgusting!  Her skirt came barely past her whoozzit, and no self-respecting stripper would have been caught dead in the stacked heels she was wearing.  YIKES!  That outfit called for a private chat with the boss about her inappropriate choices...maybe even a stern warning.

Then last night, I was at the drug store and I really had to resist the urge to tell another shopper that all the black eyeliner she was wearing did NOTHING to distract from her crossed eyes.  Why would you draw attention to that?

I didn't tell a clerk at a shop that the dress she was wearing was too short for someone so old.  And I didn't pull my car over to tell the young mother pushing the baby in a stroller that since she wasn't breast feeding right at that moment she could probably cover her enormous boobs up with a little more than that teeny tiny tank top.

I'm not turning into a bitch, really....I'm turning into the


  1. Ha, ha, fashion police. Amen from me too!

    If you're interested in making over old clothes, check out this cute blog from this girl who is making a new outfit a day for 365 days/year for $365. It is amazing what she did with some pretty ugly dresses.

  2. Hey, great thrifting finds!! Thanks SO much for your kind words about the podcast -- I really appreciate it! Good luck with the projects and enjoy the new-to-you threads!!! :-)

  3. You are too funny! I have to bite my tongue when it comes to some of the things that people wear, too.

  4. I work at a university, and some of the clothes the girls wear are appalling to me! I want to ask if their mothers know what they are wearing! When my clothes are tight, it is because I am gaining weight and don't have the money for new clothes, but these little 18-year-old stick figures don't have an excuse!