Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of school, but...

Today is a day for Lasts:

  • Last cup of coffee, before I head out the door to run some errands
  • I just put in the Last load of laundry
  • my Last baby off to school for his First day of the Last year of high school
  • Last week of my summer holidays
I think the cat needs Prozac.  He's been crying all morning, and he's making me nuts.  Or else he needs and English/Cat dictionary so he can tell me what his problem is.  And it isn't because Itty Bitty's gone - - that kid is NEVER here anyway.

I tried on about 20 pairs of slacks/jeans and another half dozen or skirts yesterday, testing for fit.  Some have now gone into the donation bag, and others have come down here for refashioning, because the fabric is just too good to not at least try to resurrect.

Today is the bag sale at the BFM thrift store.  I better go get my knickers on and see what I can score! I'll post my finds when I get back.

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