Friday, September 24, 2010

mom's complaining...

Once again, Mom is complaining that I haven't posted a blog update.  YIKES!

I don't know where this week has gone.  It's been a blur!  Between my placement at the Law Clinic (which I am in serious love with) and classes, I've also had a couple of late nights at uni doing some extra stuff.

Tuesday night was SUPER interesting.  I had volunteered to help out at at program here at King's called "Liberal Arts 101" - - I had no idea what to expect of the experience, but I certainly wasn't expecting how much I'd personally get out of it.

The program, the way I understand it, is low-income people are invited from the community to attend a series of lectures from various faculties of study (this week was history, next week is modern languages).  They are provided with dinner--which was completely yummy!!! two thumbs up--and can receive child care and bus tickets so there is no cost to them involved.  Then after dinner we went to a lecture room in another building on campus and heard a lecture about propoganda in popular culture during WW2.  It was really interesting!  And I was a little embarrassed when I noticed the invited guests around me writing reems and reems of notes during the lecture while I just sat like a Sunday driver.  Afterwards, we were broken up into groups and had a discussion about the lecture.  My role was to support the discussion - - and it was fascinating!  I had a VERY multi-cultural group - - four different continents and many, many languages were represented.  Some of the folks in my discussion group had emmigrated from places in the world that have been impacted by war, and had lots to share about how they received messagages of propaganda through popular culture (music, children's events).  I'm looking forward to future Tuesday evenings.

Tonight I'm at uni for a social action committee event.  We are screening a documentary called Poor No More which starts in about half an hour.

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  1. I was wondering when mom was going to start complaining. It has been a few days since your last post . . . LOL . . .