Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back from the Cottage

Sunset on the St. Clair River.  

I had a nice break from the regular head space I generally inhabit.  The "intention" of the three days retreating was to do some intensive NOTHING - - - Mission: Accomplished.

I did a little sewing.  I worked on some HSTs and 4-patches to assemble a red and neutral quilt that I've had cut out for yeeeeears.  But mostly I napped, and read, and nibbled, and giggled - - I even piloted a cross-border shopping trip with six women, to five stores in three hours (talk about some some clock work precision commando-style shopping!).

I enjoyed watching all the scrapbooking going on around me, but I didn't feel any eagerness to get back into that old addiction.  But I do feel more excited about getting cozier with my fabric and sewing machine.  

Prepare to be amazed amused!

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  1. sounds like a successful weekend. I hear you about the scrapbooking...when I think of all the money in unused supplies it makes me cringe, but I sort of lost interest in scrapbooking when I got a digital camera. One of my biggest inspiration/motivation things was picking up a pkg of pictures just newly developed and planning a page layout: digital just does not do that for me, but quilting...?! I see inspiration all around me. Let's hope it lasts because I have a mountain of fabric to work through! I'll be watching for progress on your new quilt.