Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halfway to Caught Up

I finished another block - Alice's Flag

I had the option of piecing the star, or cutting it whole.  Since I had a striped fabric, I decided to fussy cut.

Last day of holidays!  You know what that means...a whole day of housework!  Yahoo!

Back to work tomorrow - not sure what we'll be doing.  The office is actually closed, because there's something going on with our servers? Replacing them, maybe? I don't know - but that means we won't be able to to use our computers, and we're darn near 100% paperless at our office, and almost all of our work requires being connected to our servers.  I see on the calendar we're starting off the day with a staff meeting!

Currently reading: 

It's a modern retelling of "Jane Eyre" - taking place in 1960's Scotland.  

I must tell you about this website I discovered while cruising around Pinterest: What Should I Read Next.  You type in the name of an author or title that you particularly enjoyed, and the website generates a list of books that come from real readers lists of favourites.  I put in "The Thirteenth Tale" and it generated a list that included a couple of Kate Morton novels that I have already read and enjoyed.


  1. Thank you for the link! I'm frequently looking for recommendations for books.

  2. great link! I am really liking your blocks!