Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Goals - Mission Accomplished!


  • X 5 Grandmother's Choice blocks
  • X finish ANY quilt
  • X Sampler pillows
  • X 4 Dear Jane blocks
  • X start a Leader & Ender project
  • + 3 hot pads
  • + 3 dish towels
  • + mini ironing table
  • + Week 1 Scrappy Stars QAL

I'm pretty happy with my progress so far this year.  I haven't always completed all of my goals, but I am making progress. So I haven't always stuck with the idea of nothing but UFO's but anything new I have started, I have finished -- so no new UFO's are being created! That's progress!

Five Grandmother's Choice Blocks

This week's Grandmother's Choice BOW is Star of Hope


Finish ANY Quilt

Okay, so it's not a big quilt, but it is finished.  

Sampler Pillows


4 Dear Jane Blocks

I actually did many more than four.  I don't know if I took photos of all of them or not.





Start a Leader and Ender Project

I've had this bowtie quilt cut and ready to go for years.  It's about time I started stitching it together. I'm pretty sure I have a few more blocks than this finished.

3 Hot Pads and 3 Dish Towels from the Zakka 2.0 SAL

I only took a photo of 2 of the hot pads, but I did make three.  I gave the tri-coloured one to one of our admin assistants at the office.  The other two I sent out to Nova Scotia to Sailor Boy's girlfriend.  I was intending to send the dish towels out as well, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Mini Ironing Table

This has certainly changed my sewing life.  It's so much faster to make a 90 degree turn and press a seam.  It was simple and inexpensive to make.

Oh My, Scrappy Stars QAL

(no photo - yet)

I spent most of last weekend cutting the fabric for this QAL, and have started sewing the parts together.  The instructions for this were posted on Thursday.  It's a tremendous amount of work - I hope I can keep up!

I guess I can think about my July goals -- the 2nd half of 2013! -- tomorrow.

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  1. Great to see your pineapple quilt binding done! And I love the flying geese border on the ends of your sampler pillows. You sure are a busy gal!

    It made my morning to see you are working on the Quilt Along. When you do take a picture of your progress, I'd love it if you would share it on the Flickr Group page at