Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Roomie

I talked about my distress over losing my office/room-mate of nearly two years in THIS POST.  He was supposed to start at the end of May, but because he was writing his bar exams, his start date was moved back to today.  This was okay, because it gave us time to replace Stacey's big honkin' desk with something smaller to decrease the encroachment into my space.

He's an INFANT!  A neonatal lawyer-to-be who is doing his articles with us.  My mothering instincts went into overdrive, and I did try (in vain, in some situations) to not fuss to much, spit on a kleenex to wash his face, put him over my shoulder to burp him, or lick off his afterbirth.

Here are a few things that he learned today:

1.  If the office is too cold, you should bring a parka and toque tomorrow.
2.  This file cabinet?  It's mine.  No, you can't have anything from it.
3.  There are many approaches to professional practice - but do it my way anyway. 
4.  I will dole out paper clips one at a time.
5.  Don't ask me any tech/IT questions. Call IT.  They won't do anything either, and it will take four or five days to find that out.
5. Several new swear words. gets a little cozier.  He's is also my neighbour.  His parents moved him into the apartment across the hall from us last night.  Of course, I felt it appropriate to go over in my nightgown and welcome the fetus to the building.  He wasn't there yet - - but I met his parents (mom Tracy, and grey haired guy), sister, and sister's boyfriend.  Itty Bitty came with me.


ME: They seemed nice.
HE: yeah - nice family!
ME: You know what?  Tracy's son is a lawyer.
HE: (blank glare)

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