Friday, August 9, 2013


Not sure where I put it - but I've definitely lost my mojo!  The last two things I TRIED to sew ended up in the trash.  I've done nothing all week except trim and stack scraps.

I'm not whining....just hoping I'll find it soon.


  1. Me too! I always enjoy your projects...actually just this week I was thinking of a quilt...Shakespear in the Park...did you do that one in black and red?

    1. Yes! I did it in Red, Grey, and Black. Itty Bitty helped me sew that one, and it's on his bed at his house in Brantford where he is going to university. I love that quilt!

  2. Oh dear, poor you! It'll come back. I get the same thing from time to time, and it's so frustrating, but I take it as a hint to do something else, like get the gardening or the paperwork done.

    Maybe we could send out a search party, armed with chocolate to entice your mojo to come home! xxV

  3. I think I saw your mojo this morning having coffee with mine! They were chatting about having so much fun away from home but were beginning to get homesick. I think both of them will be home soon if we can get them out of Starbucks!

  4. Don't give up. It'll come back! We all have those days. Chin up, my dear!

  5. Don't you mean you've lost your Sewjo. Mine's been gone for a while. If you see it, send it back home. I miss it.

  6. Oh, yes! I can so relate. But I've put mine down to a combination of having shingles and the addiction of family history research! Hope you find it soon!