Sunday, August 4, 2013

Some Sunday Randomness

I created a couple of little pouchie thingies - and I think I'll post a tutorial later. 

Terrible photo - just wanted to show I actually had the quilt UP!  I used a yard stick to hang this small quilt, and used "3M Command Hooks" - the yard stick fit perfectly into the hook slot, and no holes in the walls!

This is the flag I have made for Lac Megantic.

I had lunch at "The Church" in Stratford this past week for my sister's birthday.

I also bought this big jar at a thrift store while I was in Stratford, and I'm filling it with smallish zippers that I have been picking up at other thrifts for around $.25 each. As I've mentioned before, I want to start making smaller projects, so I'm building a bit of a stash here.  I got another big jar to store the notions I've been picking up.

I also bought a kit - see the bag in the bottom right hand corner - I couldn't find a picture online of JUST the bag.  It was created by Patricia Archibald - it uses velvet, sheers, gold foil, and metallic threads - it even came with the handles and batting!  I tried desperately to find out where it might have come from - but it looks like it is a kit from a workshop - but it seems this teacher only has workshops in the UK.  A bit of a mystery.  I paid $1.50 for it at the thrift, but I saw the class advertised as £57! My kit isn't purple though - it's turquoise.  It's worth a visit to her website to see the beautiful art quilts.

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  1. I love the yard stick and command hooks idea idea I am going to have to try that, I am renting an apartment so don't like to make too many holes in the wall to repay when I move out one day! And I must start a zipper jar too, I have a spool jar I add my empty spools to but I never thought of zippers. You are quote the inspiration, thanks for stopping by my blog: adventurousquilter.Blogspot.Com