Friday, August 30, 2013

Have You Seen This?

Have you seen this box of candy at your LQS?  I found this vision of loveliness - EZ Quilting Mini templates -  at the Greenwood Quiltery this afternoon.  These templates are especially designed for use with Jelly Rolls.  I chose five - I'm just tickled!  They are just adorable!

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  1. Ha ha!! I found this display at Seven Sisters in Norwich a few months ago and also chose a bunch of the templates...added another few at the Marsh Store and another one somewhere else. I am cutting all my Kaffe scraps with the Fat Cat template and using them as my leaders enders. I have quite a few lengths sewn together already. Not sure how big I'm going to make it...when I run out of scraps to cut up, I guess. I just fell in love with this display box...wonder if the quilt shop will save it for me when they are sold out LOL