Monday, October 26, 2015

A Wild Goose Chase

I'm still working away on Sprigs & Twigs, and have the centre squares all pieced together, and it's time to start on the appliqued borders.  ummmm....not something I have a ton of experience doing, and there was one instruction that was a little mysterious.

The instructions in the book that calls for the use of "bias bars" to make the stems.  I can't find what these things are, there doesn't seem to be a list of required materials that would suggest to me what bias bars are.....this calls for an adventure!

So, we headed out bright and early Saturday morning, and drove the hour and a quarter to visit Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop (cuz you know I need more Kim Diehl fabrics, right?).  I showed them the photo of the mystery tool, and they were stumped.  

Next stop was the Quilter's Nine Patch.  They did know what bias bars, but didn't have any in stock, but offered to order them for me.  I thanked them very much, but I would check another place--I didn't want to wait--but I would call if I didn't have any luck.

Next stop was K-W Sewing Machines, which happens to be kitty-corner from my office.  Success!  The clerk there REALLY REALLY wanted me to purchase bias tape makers, although I assured her that wasn't what I needed.  

So .... are you scratching your head, wondering what bias bars are?


  1. I just saw a great post on a quilting blog that showed these bias bars! Can't find the blog, though. Bias bars come in different widths so you can make a tube of fabric and use the bias bar to shape it and iron it so the seam is on the back and doesn't show on your applique work. It's for stems and vines and such.
    The bars are made out of different materials, (metal, strong plastic) but all will stand the heat of a hot iron. Try googling 'bias bars.'

  2. I have both and I like the bias tape makers best... just sayin'

  3. Bias bars give you a nice raised, more 3D effect when they are appliqu├ęs. There is a great YouTube tutorial by Monica Poole on how to use bias bars.
    Have a look, and they are easy to use, with an added benefit of the finishes bias not stretching out as much as with a bias maker.

  4. No head scratching going on here either cause I have a set of these bars. Good luck on your hunt. Fabricland may have them.