Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Quilt Show

This past Saturday I attended Waterloo County Quilters' Guild's Quilt Show.  If you go to the Guild's Facebook page, you can see photos of a few selections.  I have to say that I was dazzled and inspired by the show.

As expected, Day 2 of the show, well... the vendors's selections were getting a little picked over, so there wasn't a lot that I was compelled to bring home - with the exception of a small selection of some Kim Diehl FQs, but I did discover a couple of new shops that I hadn't visited before.  The FQs came from Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop in Mount Forest.  Well...I used to be in Mount Forest once a week and never heard of this shop before!  They will be my go-to resource for Kim Diehl fabrics - - which I will need to finish "Sprigs & Twigs" - - but more on that in a minute.  

The second "new-to-me" LQS is Kalidoscope of Quilts from Exeter.  This is a new store, and I understand, not at all related to another Exeter quilt shop (which I also really liked, but is now closed).  Okay - - I have to get past the fact that someone intentionally spelled "kaleidoscope" wrong in the name of their shop - - but I can get beyond that quirk.  I haven't been to Exeter in yeeeeears - but if I am in the neighbourhood, I will check it out.  

Okay....speaking of "Sprigs & Twigs" - I finished the squares of the centre of this quilt.  The original design calls for 16, but in order to get a larger finished size, I increased the number to twenty-five.

Tomorrow is the October meeting of the Waterloo County Quilters' Guild.  Time is going to be tight - I have a meeting that is work-related after office hours - but I'm packing up tonight  so I'm ready to participate in Show & Tell.


  1. Loved your show and tell last night at our guild meeting. And welcome to the WCQG! It's great to have you, and we look forward to seeing many more of your creations.

    1. Thanks Ilene - seems like a really great bunch! My intention is to get increasingly involved with guild activities as I get better acquainted with programs. See you next month!