Monday, January 11, 2010

A Change in Email Address

We've JUST switched internet provider services this past week, and now I have a new email address. 

I figured the best way to pass my new email address on is to ask that interested parties post a 'comment' on my blog here - - which will generate an email to arrive in my new inbox - - and I will reply to each message individually. 

Hopefully by protecting my new addy as best I can manage, I will not have too many "Enlarge your penis" and "viagra" spam mails!  ;)

School is FANTASTIC!  I love social work-ing!!!  Practicum is just the medicine I needed.

And, my coupon count is up - - I'm creeping towards $40, and it's only the 11th of January.  I used $1.75 today.


  1. Keep me on your list of cyber stalkers, I don't have any "buy one get one free' coupons but I will drop by and say hello every once in awhile.- cw (from Missouri-USA)

  2. I want to keep up with your goings and comings. Haven't gotten into using coupons yet.
    I just want to quilt and quilt some more. Glad to hear you are progressing with your degree.
    Joyce from Arkansas, USA

  3. The ones I love are the enlarge your bust at least 2 or 3 sizes... I'd topple over if they were that large! LOL

  4. Here it is again. Please stop losing it...LOL

  5. Bah you're a no-replier too lol.
    Howdy Neighbour!

  6. Hi Nancy

    Your High School days are sounding better than the first time around.


  7. Hey Nancy:

    Can you send me your new email address? I'll put it in my address book right away!

    Are you up for a possible QNIC on Tuesday evening? Hoping that Anne can come and work on our charity quilt with me and we can have the gang over here...plenty of room!

  8. I'm a member of the Malple Leaf Quilt Guild, and I'd like to ask a question about one of the quilts you posted on your old blog.
    Judy M