Sunday, January 3, 2010

Grateful Heart Sampler: Ocean Waves

"Earth's oceans cover over 70% of its surface.  What affects the oceans, affects our lives.  Our gratitude for water, beaches, sea life, and all the natural resources in and under the ocean should make us active defenders of the cleanliness and health of all of the planet's living waters." p. 58

Yeah, so I kinda knew there wasn't a hope in hell that I was going to get this block done with matched up corners and seams.  Too many biases, too many set in seams.  BUT YOU KNOW WHAT???  It's flat and it's square and it's exactly the right size.  This is good enough for me.  I'll call this one my 'vanity block'.


  1. Waaaay too many bias seams for me to even try! Love the colors.

  2. Beautiful block. I've loved that one ever since I first saw it but I'm too chicken to try it. Great job.