Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scientific Fact: Cats cannot meow with fondant icing in their mouths

Well, seems another year has gone by, and yesterday was my birthday.  I cannot tell you how old I am, because it's an "F" word!

Wednesday evening, I was invited to join some quilty friends for QNIC (quilting night in Canada!) but by the time I got home from school, got my "livestock" fed, shopped for chemistry experiment supplies (yikes!) I was knackered.  All I wanted to do was put on my nightgown and go to bed.  Which was precisely what I did.

I called with my regrets, leaving a message on Jacqui's voice mail.  A little while later, the phone rang, and Gail calmly explained that I was NOT excused from attending, because it was my surprise birthday party!  OMG - first I laughed my head off, and then scrambled to get my clothes back on and get to my party!

Last night, I was in my pjs (again?) sitting at the dining room table, reading a magazine when there was a knock at the door, and in walked my mother and grandmother!  By this time I had completely forgotten it WAS my birthday! We visited for a while, and then Hubby came home, with all the trimmings for another birthday party!  Cake & icecream, and later my brother (who will be joining me in "F" word zone when his birthday comes around next month!).

A friend of Hubby's makes cakes as a hobby.  He asked her to make a cake that looked like a quilt!  What do you think?

Of course, Gibby Kitty wanted in on some of this cake action:

Look at those evil eyes! 
 "Just hand over some icing, and no one gets hurt!"


  1. Come on,there's no shame in telling us your F-abolously 29...LOL

  2. Oh and were you also a recipient of the late Christmas gift at Gail's of the knit sock monkey book??? I'd love to get my hands on a peeksy to that cute book and perhaps make a copy so as to try my hand at knitting up a cute pair of sock monkeys... let me know.

  3. The cake looks delicious...Happy Birthday.

  4. LOL! Nancy, you do never learn eh? Always be prepared when it's close to your birthday! You just never know what's going to happen!!

    Glad you could make it for your birthday party! It was fun.

  5. Well happy you're not any older day! lol

  6. Happy F-ing Birthday!! Geeze that felt weird!!
    Hope it was a good one!!

  7. Happy Birthday!! I love how you kept conveniently forgetting it was your birthday...but everyone around you wouldn't! LOL Better luck next year.

  8. Happy Birthday.....hey its only a number...look how fab your grandma looks!

    Happy Sewing

  9. Wow, Gibson is getting BIG! So glad that everyone celebrated you - you deserve it! Enjoy the attention.

  10. Happy birthday, Nancy-Rose. F birthdays are fabulous; I should know, I've had LOTS of them. lol I'm so old, tomorrow is my DH's & my 25th wedding anniversary and I can assure you that we did NOT get married when I was 14! In fact, my birthday was less than 2 months ago, and this year I got to enjoy being 49 for a VERY short time before I got a letter from my employer telling me that because I am turning 50 this year I can sock away more $$ in my 401k. Thanks so much for letting me enjoy being 49 for 5 whole weeks before dropping the 50-bomb on me. Sheesh!!!

    That cake is awesome! I wouldn't mind being another year older if I could get a cool cake that looks like a quilt. 8)

    All the best,

  11. Happy Birthday Nancy. With F birthday's comes wisdom. Besides one of these days you'll be old enough to forget how old you are. I've been 58 for 2 years now cause I miscalculated last year.

  12. Happy Birthday...what a beautiful cake...and I think there are some more of us in the f's...