Saturday, January 30, 2010 you may want to wash your hands

...after you read this blog entry.  I AM SICK!!

But let me give some praise where it's due. 

I'm usually pretty critical of the health care system in Ontario - - I consider the years pre-Mike Harris to be the good ole days - - though I realize that I should be grateful because I was able to get very good care today - three cheers for socialized medicine!

I've had a sore throat for three days, and went to a walk-in clinic last night and got a Rx for antibiotics.  But, by this morning, my throat was nearly swollen closed and Hubby took me to Emerg.  I don't think our chairs even got a degree warmer before I was whisked into an exam room, stripped down, IV started, steroids, pain meds, and ice chips given. A brief history, some vitals, and I was off to Xray for a soft tissue view to look at my airway, and check for abcesses.  They kept me for about two hours, rechecking O2 sats and BP, and sent me home with new Rxs for narcotic analgesics and steroids, and direction to return promptly if anything changed. 

This afternoon, the phone rang, and it was the doctor who had seen me this morning.  She said she had taken another look at my Xray, and wanted to know what pharmacy I dealt with because she wanted to order a different antibiotics. She asked me how my pain was, and if I was drinking well, and reminded me to come back if I should have more pain, or a high fever, then warned me against getting dehydrated again.

Wow!  I guess being OUT of nursing for a couple of years has reduced my cynical bias against hospitals, or things are just getting better.  I was pretty impressed, and grateful that what could have gone very bad, was such a positive experience.  And yes, I've started my new antibiotics, and I DO already feel a good deal better!!! 


  1. I'm glad you got seen so quickly! I do things are getting better. Hopefully you continue to get better.

  2. Cough, cough, cough...ick, please don't pass it on.

    Hope you feel better real soon.

  3. That is fast! I guess it depends on how sick you are. It sounds like you were pretty bad with your throat all swollen up. When I took my son a few months ago we waited for 3 hours and came home but really all he needed was someone to dress the wound properly. I actually was able to find a nurse and tell her we were leaving cause he'd stopped bleeding. She came and dressed it for me right away. My sister and I are always comparing BC and Ontario... seems we're on an even keel healthcare wise. Her daughter who lives in Toronto goes to Ottawa to see a doctor (the one she had before she married) cause she can't get one in Toronto.

  4. That's where you were! We missed you at the guild on Thursday evening!! Sure hope you will improve quickly and feel back to normal (whatever that is eh? LOL).

    Get well soon.
    Hugs, Jacqui
    P.S. I have a batch of coupons for you from someone at the guild...I'll try to remember to drop them off one of these days.

  5. so what did she see on xray that she changed the antibiotic?

    My Mom was Canadian and told she was a walking time bomb for another heart attack and they decided to do emergency open heart bypass......the gave her a beeper to let her know when it was her turn for surgery.......10 months later she got her surgery!
    On the whole though she got pretty good treatment there in Kingston....God rest her soul.

    remember to take all of your antibiotic!!!
    Hope you're on the mend.

  6. WoW! Either you must be really sick or you have a fabulous hospital! My friend dropped to the floor last week out cold for no apparent reason and she waited 9 hours in KW emerg to see a Dr. So glad to hear there is still good health care going on somewhere! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Hip, hip, hooray!!! I wish the US would get on track with health care for everyone! Glad you are feeling better.