Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!

I start my practicum tomorrow - as a student social worker at a very large high school.  I'm so excited!! 

I went to the University library this afternoon and photocopied some course Reserve Readings.  I'll be taking 4 courses at the same time.  It was a little screwy - - two of my profs haven't exactly gotten around to RESERVING the books that they want us to read several of them aren't even in the library, never have been in this campus library (although two of them are at Main campus), or are articles so old, they will have to be specially ordered up from the archives.  (ugh)  The librarian took the course numbers, and the prof's names and email addresses in order to personally harass them.

Petsmart is on the way home from school, so I pulled in to make use of some cat food coupons.  There I learned that they have special sales for "PetPerks" card holders - - and this week, I had coupons for two of the special PetPerk sales...I know...I'm so confusing!  But let's just say I got a PetPerks card, and I can add another $13.78 to my $1000 challenge. 

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  1. At this rate, it won't take you long to reach your $1000 goal!